At the end of the day, the one who persists more is deserved to be the winner. — Turtle and Rabbit Parable

As I am finishing a bunch of final projects for this semester, somehow I feel a little bit demotivated. I want to put aside all these tasks and do something else. However, since it is my responsibility to do it, I’ll make sure I get it done.

If I can tell you a little bit, every day of my online college life filled by a group calling conference. It’s almost a year. And even I need to sacrifice…

Reaching the end of the year, checking my wishlist and goals accomplished during the time being.

I always wanted to achieve something new every year. This year, there were many deviations from my initial goals. The main reason it happened, comes from the inner me. Not even dare to blame corona and any external circumstances.

I did mistakes, I failed. I did mistakes, I acquired a trophy. I did mistakes, I withstood the consequences. Even it’s common for me repeating a stupid mistake.

Realized that making a change it’s not easy and very improbable. It’s very obnoxious for others that we want them to change. Sometimes we forgot how ridiculous we are in their eyes.


Intro (paraphrase question)

  • Bringing technology closer to children for doing task and life is a two-sided matter. It’s possible to be a good enhancer while the bad impact is approaching too.
  • disagree

Overview (reason)

  • has entered the digitalisation era
  • bcs with tech, develops both creativity and efficiency

Body Paragraph 1 (abt digitalisation era)

  • conventional changed into the virtual world
  • electronic device replace paper/physical structure
  • example: e-learning, e-sport, e-entertainment
  • repeat the main sentence

Body Paragraph 2 (abt developing creativity and eff)

  • open-minded, trade of culture
  • faster and bigger data exchange of info
  • example: virtual culture exchange through an online game/forum/delegate, interactive apps for learning
  • repeat the main sentence


  • the argument whether computer for child’s usage has more negative impact than the positive impact is being disagreed
  • positive impact emerged due to the digitalisation era and could develop both creativity and efficiency

What if your blessings come through raindrops,
What if Your healing comes through tears?
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near?
What if trials of this life, are Your mercies in disguise — Laura Story

That’s always been the case for most of the time. Every hardship we’ve been through will shine after the outcome proven itself.

During this pandemic, I questioned too many whys. Why did God allow the global outbreak? Why did Bill Gates start the polemic? Why did we need to get through this?

For the business sector, 90% of…

As a country which has ever held the 17th highest Gross Domestic Product in the world, with a total of $863,390 million in 2016, we’ll dig in about sectors that contributed to Turkey’s economy.

There are 8 sectors which will be defined as agriculture which include plant or livestock production, construction, manufacturing, trade, utilities and transportation, healthcare and education, finance, business and other, leisure and hospitality including entertainment and tourism, and the last but not least is the government sector.

These sectors were predisposed by the alteration of demand changes from consumer goods, investment through business expenditures, government spendings, import…

Bernike Age

Business and Tech Enthusiast

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