At the end of the day, the one who persists more is deserved to be the winner. — Turtle and Rabbit Parable

As I am finishing a bunch of final projects for this semester, somehow I feel a little bit demotivated. I want to put aside all these tasks and do something else. However, since it is my responsibility to do it, I’ll make sure I get it done.

If I can tell you a little bit, every day of my online college life filled by a group calling conference. It’s almost a year. And even I need to sacrifice my weekend from day to night, in order to finish the group work. Every time we make a call, we usually spend at least 4 hours. You can do the math how many hours spent in a week.

Well, to be honest, I’m not the kind of person who loves to do paper or discussion in a group. Especially the person is rigid toward other opinions. Yeah, they will listen but they are not going to include your opinion in the paper.

However, I learnt another positive side being a part of this group. Regarding my last diary — not even deserved to be called a diary. More likely to be a journal — I learnt how to strive for the best, how’s the attitude to achieve your written goals. It required a great ambition and motivation even if you’re tired and feels like drained out.

Consistency. It’s another key to living your dream. I tried. But, I don’t feel I have pushed to the limit. Probably will give a better shot.

Change. Personally, I believe more in nature rather than nurture. I don’t think people will change. It’s only by God’s miracle if they can change their bad habits, attitude, etc. However, I should start to embed a mindset that people are able to change themselves.

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